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At TravelVision we are here to make your travel visions a reality.

About Jean Foisie…  

“She makes wonderful suggestions, investigates all the possibilities, and follows up on every detail.  She is the ultimate professional!”
Susan and Jeff

It doesn’t take long to discover that Jean Foisie is not just an ordinary travel agent at an ordinary travel agency.  First, Jean has traveled all over the world, from Europe and the Greek Isles, to Asia and the South Pacific, North America and virtually every Caribbean Island.  She is a Certified Specialist with Sandals/Beaches (having personally visited each property), Tahiti, Costa Rica, Mexico, Bermuda, Bahamas, Australia and New Zealand.  She has even been retained by a national travel publication to chronicle her travel experiences in Japan.

But in addition to her vast hands-on experience, first and foremost it is her energy, dedication and desire to put together the best travel experience possible that strikes you.  Why?  Jean owns her business, loves what she does, is passionate about her profession, and takes personal pride in sharing her knowledge and planning that special destination, whether it be a complex itinerary with many different components and dates to be connected, or that special, all-inclusive getaway.

As National Geographic/Qantas writes, “…with Jean it’s a matter of honor.” 

Why not make your travel visions a reality.

“World Class Expertise At The Best Possible Rates.”


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